Situated in the historic Memorial Road Area of Kimberley this property,
built in 1902, belonged to De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd, until recently.
In 2008 three 'crazy' ladies (Mom and her 2 daughters) started a restoration
project that turned no. 4 Carrington into a 'grande dame'
Carrington Road was built in August 1897 and boasts some truly historic houses.
Being one of them, Guesthouse 4 Carrington, invites you to experience the 'heart'
of luxury...

Kimberley offers a wide variety of attractions due to its rich heritage:
*Big Hole and Village Museum (
*Diamonds and Diggings Tour
*William Humphreys Art Gallery
*McGregor Museum (
*Ghost trail
*Flamingo Casino
*Kamfersdam Flamingo Breeding Island

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